kandas gee

‘Mana is the intrinsic nature that all humanity walks with'

(SWRB, 2020)

Ko Kandas Gee tōku ingoa

My name is Kandas Gee

With twenty years’ experience in social services, I provide professional supervision services to social workers and human service practitioners in all areas and all stages of their careers.

One person can make a difference

Social workers shoulder important work to support our communities and the wellbeing of individuals and whānau. We walk headfirst into difficult situations where we are often called upon to make life-altering decisions that will leave lasting consequences.

It is emotionally and mentally challenging work that requires us to be resilient, mindful, ethical and able to objectively reflect on choices past, present and future. With good supervision and nourishing self-care routines in place, it is work we can continue with love, sensitivity and confidence, without the risk of burnout or unsafe practice.

Nourishing your well-being

A drowning person will be no help to other drowning people. I believe that good supervision ensures human service workers need not drown and assists them in maintaining their holistic wellbeing, thus enabling them to continue carrying out their mahi with passion, clarity and confidence.

On my own journey as a social worker, I have experienced burnout and the aftermath of inadequate professional support. I know that, with individually-tailored professional supervision, this doesn’t have to happen to you.

To develop the very best services, we need social workers and human service workers who are well trained, skilled, competent and passionate in their role. My role, as your supervisor, is to support you to be the best practitioner you can be.

Valuing reflective practice

‘Supervision is an experiential learning process’ (Davys & Beddoe, 2010), enabling reflection on practice and new pathways forward for professional improvement and best practice aspirations.

I use Davys and Beddoe’s 2010 Reflective Learning Model of supervision as my primary approach to support reflective practice. You, as my client, will always guide the sessions and my practice will be individually-tailored to your needs and your preferred approach.

Empowering practitioners to thrive in their mahi

I’m committed to honouring your voice and providing you with a safe, comfortable space to unpack and reflect on your mahi. I am an objective sounding board for discussing your work and cases in confidence and assessing pathways forward. Having worked in many areas of social work, from child disability to mental health services, I can support you with true empathy and insight.

“Mana is the intrinsic nature that all humanity walks with.”

Social Workers Registration Board

Supervision practice is a lot like social work practice. I support you to cultivate the tools you need to navigate your experiences and thrive in your mahi. I recognise that often you will already possess these tools and may only need gentle reminding to dust them off, polish them up, or modify your uses for them.

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